Every company wants employees who arrive at the office in on time, put 110 percent into each day and value customers. Those productive and motivated employees directly affect profits, but keeping quality employees is a challenge most businesses face. How can a company achieve maximum employee productivity? By implementing eight motivational techniques.

1. Employee Recognition

Recognition is the biggest way a company can keep employees motivated. When employees know they are valued and appreciated by their company, they feel good about themselves and their abilities. They want to live up to the praise and work even harder. Companies can provide recognition with:

  • Performance certificates
  • Employee of the Month rewards
  • Verbal gratitude for a job well done
  • Public recognition in an internal or customer newsletter
  • Annual employee recognition banquets

2. Job Security

Employees value stability in the workplace. If they work for a company with one foot in the grave, they are more likely to place minimal effort into their job. A productive work day results when employees know their employer is succeeding and moving forward.

3. Interesting Work

Every employee works better when he or she performs enjoyable work. Wise hiring agents match employees to positions that maximize their training, skills and interests. Then, employees arrive at work enthusiastic and eager to do their best work.

4. Promotion Opportunities

Most staff members appreciate promotions and work hard to achieve this reward. When possible, companies should motivate employees by offering opportunities for increased responsibility and eventual promotion.

5. Positive Working Environment

Bullying, discrimination or cliques discourage employees from doing their best and may lead to high turnover. A positive working environment encourages staff retention and productivity.

6. Supportive Supervisors

Every employee carries personal problems to work. Caring supervisors do not need to be therapists, but a kind word, flexible work schedule and understanding shoulder go a long way toward showing employees that they are valued. Employees then work harder and smarter.

7. Tactful Discipline

Every work environment needs a disciplinary policy. However, harsh discipline, including being called out in front of other employees, does not promote productivity. It does cause staff members to fear making mistakes, and it stifles creativity, however. Productive workers understand the rules and know that they will be disciplined with tact if necessary.

8. Financial Incentives

Monetary rewards go a long way in showing appreciation to staff members. Employees will work harder to meet quotas, gain positive customer reviews and meet other goals when extra money is at stake. If financial bonuses are not possible, companies should at least pay employees a fair wage for the tasks they complete and benefit from a fun break room, regular office outings and other special events.

Employee productivity and company profits go hand in hand. Companies can increase motivation and energy with coffee vending machines, but they will also want to implement eight techniques that increase productivity every day.

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If you wish to begin a vending machine business or to expand an existing route, used vending machines are an attractive option. Used machines often cost a fraction of what a new machine costs. However, when buying them from a reputable and well-established supplier, they can be be as reliable as brand new machines.

When shopping for used machines, always look for ones that are inspected and certified. This helps you ensure that the machine is in good working condition and will faithfully vend products to your customers.Certified Used Vending Machines for Sale

Vending.com offers several factory-remanufactured certified machines. These machines come with a 90 day warranty on parts that include the bill acceptors, coin acceptors and control boards. Plus, as a respected vending machine manufacturer, we support your purchase with a dedicated help line.

For greater affordability, machines can be purchased on one of our vending machine payment plans. Used snack machines are just $79.35 a month and drink machines are only $97.35 a month. Each of these can be paid off with just five vends a day.

Our supply of used vending machines for sale rotates constantly. Check back often to find the drink machine, snack machine or combo vending machine that fits your customers’ needs.

For many employees, the employee handbook is only one small piece of working for a company – a piece quickly forgotten. They read it, forget it and get on with learning and doing their job. While this may not be ideal from and employer perspective, it is important to realize that forgetting the employee handbook is a luxury only available to employees. As an employer, the employee handbook is an important tool for communicating with your workers and protecting your company from unnecessary lawsuits.

The importance of an in-depth employee handbook

The employee handbook explains a number of things to your employees – things that they need to understand to integrate effectively with your company. It not only tells them the history of your business and your mission and goals, it explains hard and fast rules for getting along in the company. It lays down the law on what is and is not acceptable.

In addition to the rules of your company, the handbook also lays out the specific laws that are applicable to employment with your company. There are federal and state laws pertaining to employment – and perhaps to safety in your particular industry – that employees need to be aware of.

All of this information is put down in clear writing that is then explained to the employee by your company. Employees can look to the handbook for clarification, as well as to management and human resources if applicable. The important thing is, all parties have the same reference – the handbook.

The handbook protects your company

You company could do everything right, operating well within the law and treating your employees fairly. This does not protect you from legal action by unscrupulous parties – even people you have hired and taken care of. Companies are sued all the time whether they do anything wrong or not. But, as long as you are obeying the law and have solid documentation to back you up – such as with your employee handbook, you should be able to effectively defend yourself.

Consider at-will employment. If you are in an at-will state, you should certainly have that information front and center in your handbook. Employees should know that legal realities of your relationship to prevent any confusion on down the line. Disciplinary measures are sometimes necessary and should be mentioned in the handbook as well, along with the relationship between disciplinary measures and at-will employment.

Harassment policies are also an important component of the handbook. Sexual harassment charges can hit a company hard, damaging both its reputation and its bank account. Your policies towards any type of harassment or discrimination should be clearly stated in the handbook. This is something you will want to be able to reference should anyone ever attempt to lay blame on your company policies for harassment or discrimination situations.

Invest in your employee handbook

The employee handbook is important enough to invest time and money in. Consider hiring an attorney familiar with employee handbooks to ensure you include everything necessary to protect your company – both now and in the future.

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Surely you have heard the hype that coffee can help you look younger. You head to your favorite drink vending machines and stock up on the stuff to not only get a much needed boost of energy, but to watch your wrinkles dissipate. But it is really true? Can coffee really combat aging? It can! If you are hoping for a miracle in a cup, coffee is not your answer. In fact, there are not even real scientific studies on this claim. That being said, coffee is loaded with antioxidants, which are effective at fighting away many signs of aging, like fine lines and age spots. So in that regard, coffee may be contributing slightly to your cause.

Moderation is key. One of the reasons people believe coffee helps them appear younger is because the caffeine in it shrinks cells by dehydrating them. This is great for puffy eyes, but not so great for your body. So you should try to limit yourself to a couple of cups per day. If you go overboard, instead of the coffee helping your skin look smooth and supple, it will make your face look shriveled up and old. So when you are out and about and you pass by those drink vending machines at the office or the gas station, grab a coffee in the morning and perhaps one in the afternoon, but choose something else on your other stops. And if you are looking into buying vending machines for sale, or you are a vending machine manufacturer, considering adding a variety of both coffee drinks and non-coffee drinks to keep all of your customers happy.

In summary, when used in moderation, coffee can give you the energy you need to combat the day while helping your cause to fight aging, but if you overdo it, it will have the opposite effect on your skin.

New vs Used Vending Machines

When you invest in your vending business, every penny counts. One way to make your money go further is to choose used vending machines instead of new ones. Used machines can cost a fraction of what new ones cost. And, when you focus your search on used machines that are certified by the vending machine manufacturer, you can rest easy that you are buying reliable equipment.

When looking at used machines, ask the following questions:

  • What sort of warranty is offered? Vending.com offers a 90 day warranty on bill acceptors, coin acceptors and control boards, so, you know that your investment is secure.
  • What is the condition of the machine? When we offer a used vending machine for sale, it is only after the machine has been factory remanufactured and certified by our trained and caring staff.
  • What will you pay for delivery? Our company delivers our certified used machines for free. Other companies can charge hundreds of dollars, running up your costs significantly.
  • What sort of financing is available? Our low monthly payments and 100% financing mean that you can get your machines placed quickly and start earning.

There are a number of sizes and styles of drink and snack vending machines in our inventory. And, new machines come in all the time, so, we are always able to get exactly what you need to fit your available spaces. Ready to explore your options? Call us at 1-855-727-8363 to learn about our inspected and certified used vending machines for sale. We can answer your questions and help you find the perfect machine to open your vending business or expand an existing route.

When considering vending machines for sale, consider one that offers coffee and you’ll automatically be passing along an array of potential health benefits. More than two dozen of those benefits were outlined by Complex City Guide , including coffee’s ability to reduce the risk of various health conditions and diseases. Three benefits especially stand out as big pluses for office workers who would be likely to encounter drink vending machines serving coffee.

Work pain relief

Sitting at a computer all day can wreak havoc on the shoulders and neck, but a cup of coffee before work can help alleviate common pains of the typical office job. A 2012 study out of Norway found 40 percent of folks who drank coffee enjoyed a lower level of pain than those who skipped the Joe.

Lower blood pressure

Although the initial effect of coffee’s caffeine is to give your blood pressure a short-term boost, it can actually help lower blood pressure for the long term. France’s Preventative and Clinical Investigations Center found those who regularly drink coffee can enjoy significantly lowered blood pressure than those who don’t. It also noted regular coffee drinkers have blood vessels that are more elastic in nature, which helps decrease the chances of developing high blood pressure.

Cavity prevention

Any candy vending machine manufacturer may want to consider adding coffee vending machines to their lineup. Certain elements found in coffee may reduce the formation of plaque, such as an element known as the tannins. This compound is found in coffee beans and has been shown to halt the plaque formation process, stopping plaque buildup before it even starts.

While most drink vending machines aim to serve up a refreshing beverage, coffee can be especially refreshing for its ability to alleviate pain, lower blood pressure and leave you with fewer trips to the dentist.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Regularly

(source: happytoserveyou.com.au)

Vending Machine Financing Options

When you start looking at vending machines for sale, one thing that is a major hurdle in purchasing a machine you need or want is the cost. Luckily, there are a number of financing options available. This is especially good since snack and drink vending machines can be a great investment opportunity for many businesses—paying for themselves several times over in just a short amount of time.

Credit Card

If you have a credit card with a high limit, this can be a great option for paying for your machine. This is simple and will allow you to pay your normal credit card bill each month with no extra bills. However, the interest rates can sometimes be higher than other options.

Manufacturer Financing

Check with the vending machine manufacturer. It could be that they offer private financing or perhaps they work with another financing firm to give you options. Quite often, you can get a lower interest rate than you would pay with your credit card and there are flexible payment terms.


Before you jump in and finance one machine or several, it is important that you look through your current financial situation and make sure you are not getting in over your head. Do you anticipate that your machines will bring in enough each month to pay your loan? If not, do you have a backup plan? Talk to someone who knows the vending machine industry in your area and get a better idea of what you can expect.

As you can see, finding financing for your vending machine investment may not be that difficult. Make certain you do your research and find a finance and payment plan that will serve you well now and in the future.

Your vending machine may seem like a “set it up and forget it” type of investment, but you need to give a little attention to the display if you want a large return on

Vending Machines

investment. With the right display, you can even turn an old vending machine used at one time for out-dated products into a thriving, lucrative income generator. The key is to create an eye-catching display that will cause people to stop and take a closer look.

The goal for your snack machine display is to make it catch the eye of the passer by. Bright colors and images of favorite brands work well. If a brand you stock has a new packaging, use that to gather attention.

Look for appealing images that will trigger a craving for what you sell. A soda can or bottle dripping with ice and water droplets will cause thirst on a hot day and increase people’s desire to buy a drink from your drink machine.

Make sure your display is not outdated. If it looks like the machine has been sitting untouched for years, your customers will be skeptical, and your chances of making a sale are low. Make changes regularly to increase interest and give customers variety, and you will see greater return on your investment.

Stocking Your Vending Machines

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Snack vending machines are often the subject of jokes, with disgruntled customers pounding on the machine in hopes that their purchased snack will fall. Yet if that vending machine is yours, the way in which you stock the snacks is crucial to your profits.

When people don’t get the snack they paid for, they will get upset, and may not use the vending machine again, in spite of any vend guarantee you provide. The next customer may get more than one item with just one purchase due to snacks stuck in the machine. This cuts into your profits. As a result, you need to ensure that you are stocking your snack machine correctly to avoid this problem.

As you do when stocking a drink vending machine, when stocking candy vending machines, take your time, and make sure all packages are facing forward. Tuck them into their respective slots, working from back to front, and ensure that every space is filled. Make sure the snacks you purchase are the right size for your snack machine to avoid stuck products. When you are finished stocking, test the machine to ensure it is properly dispensing each snack. This will put more money into your pocket and eliminate problems from unsatisfied customers.