laguardiaGovernor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently unveiled an exciting new type of snack vending machine that highlights healthy choices, supports local agriculture, and benefits the Food Bank of Central New York and the New York Commission for the Blind’s Enterprise Program. The Taste NY snack and drink vending machines debuted at the recent New York State Fair.

These exciting new vending machines break away from standard snack offerings to provide healthy choices from local producers. The vending machines are to be installed at select rest areas throughout the state of New York. Travelers will make their snack and drink choices among offerings from Chobani, Emmy’s Organics, Heluva Good Cheese curds and string cheese, Red Jacket Orchard juices, Barkeater Chocolates, Sweet Sam’s Cookies, and other local purveyors.

Governor Cuomo is hoping that in addition to promoting healthy snacking habits, the Taste NY program will support and broaden the audience from some of the state’s finest food producers. According to the Governor, “The Taste NY Program is continuing to raise the profile of many of our world class brands, and I encourage all New Yorkers – whether at the State Fair this week or on a drive across the state this fall – to be on the lookout for these tremendous products.”

These vending machines will offer more than unique snacks to weary travelers. According to John Murn, Vice President of the New York State Vending Machine Association, “These state-of-the-art machines will feature a rotating selection of food and beverages that represent the diversity and creativity from producers across the State. Highlights from these machines will include video clips from New York based companies as well as Taste NY videos.”

In addition to healthy fare, the Taste NY snack and drink vending machine program will benefit two state charitable programs. The machines will be maintained by participants in the New York Commission for the Blind’s Enterprise Program. New York State Commission for the Blind Associate Commissioner Brian Daniels said, “The Commission for the Blind makes self-sufficiency for legally blind New Yorkers its top priority, and we are thrilled to… provide new jobs and provide more opportunities for individuals who are blind to achieve independence.”

Proceeds from the machines will used to support the efforts of the Food Bank of Central New York which provides food for over 11 million meals each year to the state’s residents.

The Taste NY snack vending machines will highlight a rotation of products from the larger Taste NY program. More information on the initiative is available at taste.ny.gov.




instagram iheartradioEver thought of promoting a brand by offering merchandise in exchange for social media exposure? That’s exactly what’s happening on an iHeartRadio tour featuring a t-shirt vending company that accepts Instagram photos as payment for merchandise.

The marketing campaign is targeting college students by setting up these vending machines at the Universities they visit throughout the Midwest and South.

How does it work?

  • The consumer touches the screen
  • Retrieves a unique four-digit code
  • Takes an Instagram photo
  • Tags it with hashtag #iHeartRadio followed by the unique four-digit code
  • Retrieves their swag – either iHeartRadio t-shirts or iHeartRadio emblazoned sunglasses.
  • The Instagram photo can then be shared and re-shared all over social media, including Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s that simple.

The days of setting up tables and tents and giving away pens and magnets to promote brands are over. Instead of trying to lure consumers to temporary tents and trying to unload free stuff, vending machine companies have really come up with a genius marketing campaign that attracts consumers directly to the vending machine like magnets and then gets them to interact and spread their message.

The idea of interacting with the vending machine using social media is truly novel. And although the merchandise is essentially free, the consumer has to put some effort in, but the effort is something fun, something he or she likes to do anyway, whether or not they get a free pair of sunglasses.

Social media vending machines can be rented or bought from vending machine manufacturers and companies, which are integrating this technology as an innovative new way to enhance a brand’s awareness and visibility. Additionally, social media vending machines for sale may also include a used vending machine, lowering the initial investment to get your brand or service out there.

This is a fun way for people to share photos, which is something they like to do anyway, and then receive something free in return. The benefit for brands that participate in this campaign is also quite significant. After all, who wouldn’t brag about getting a t-shirt, sunglasses or keychain just for sharing a photo? This creates an interactive buzz about products and brands that will reach much further than any type of traditional advertisement or television commercial.

So are vending machines that exchange swag for Instagram photos the wave of the future? Time will tell, but there are few who would turn down this easy way to score some free stuff!



21234982_lA company that keeps its employees happy is more productive overall and can more effectively meet the demands of the marketplace.

While benefits and other significant perks are a main focus for most businesses, smaller areas, such as an employee break room that offers nutritious foods, can also be perceived as important.

Employees usually need a nice, convenient working environment in order to concentrate on work, and spend less energy on decisions that support their general well-being. This is the reason that parking and other basic needs are usually important features of a positive work culture.

In the case of an employee break room, having a positive environment that offers nice decor, ample seating, and a comfortable space for either sitting alone or gathering with a colleague or two over a beverage or a quick meal, is important.

A break between work that recharges energy, gives an employee social support and offers a source of pride is a great gift for your workforce that can establish trust, reduce employee sick days and turnover, and increase your bottom line.

Vending Machine

A vending machine in a company break room is a primary source for snacks and even meals for many employees. While foods are also often purchased elsewhere, the convenience of on-site vending snacks and meal-friendly foods frequently becomes a staple for those working hard and requiring nutritious support to bring them to the next meal. In some cases, selections in a vending machine can actually offer meal replacements, which is a great time save that need to remain on the company grounds between meals.

Your employees may be eagerly anticipating the next vending machine selections that you choose.

Selecting snacks that provide nutrition, such as yogurt, cheese, pita chips, and sugar-free or low-sugar beverages, such as Vitamin Water, can support a healthier culture and extend productivity. If you instead stock a vending machine with mostly sugary snacks and offer fewer healthy options, it could affect the attention span of employees, and even their health.

A vending machine is traditionally considered a source of junk food, but the image and available food options is changing. Stocking an employee break room drink vending machines with tea, water and seltzer water, and a snack vending machine with fruit, and savory healthy foods will help show that the company is supporting their well-being and is aware of the leading health trends.

Purchasing a vending machine for sale and its products through Vending.com, which has been manufacturing vending machines since 1931, will give you the necessary tools to deliver a superior break room environment to your prized employees. It is crucial to work with a trusted and reliable company that knows the industry. From a coffee vending machine to one that includes mostly food products, Vending.com has you covered.


snack machinesToday’s student in the U.S. is used to choosing from a variety of options. From classes, to friends, to after school activities, variety is the spice of life in middle and high schools. This may be a key reason that the vending machine has been such a successful tool for satisfying hunger cravings for our nation’s kids. Beyond its function as a nutritional vehicle for keeping kids alert and energized, it is also a significant revenue builder for the nation’s schools.

This fall a federal law will require school vending machines to forgo the candy and sweet treats in favor of healthier food options. Some school administrators worry about the financial impact. Many have been grappling with the decline in revenue since regular sodas have been replaced with diet and sugar-free versions. Fortunately, along with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to fight against childhood obesity, the nation has been trending toward a more sophisticated approach to eating with health and flavor in mind.

The vending machine is now at the center of the debate in school-based nutrition. Some commercial vending companies today, such as Vending.com, support healthier vending products. From Vitamin Water and spring water instead of soda, to baked potato chips instead of the oilier counterparts and dried fruit in place of baked goods and other sweet tooth snacks, Vending.com knows how to satisfy a kid’s need for variety within the limits of federal regulations successfully. Yogurt and energy bars are other nutrient dense snack food alternatives to sweet and unhealthy foods that kids choose and parents can rest easy about.

The new, healthier products, coupled with technology, gives students an exciting and fun way to meet energy needs throughout the day, and to have fun while doing it.

A Vending.com representative can advise you about the user-friendly healthy snack options and a vending machine for sale that offers benefits, such as:

  • filling a vending machine that still entices the kids to buy products
  • meet guidelines
  • give you a return on investment that makes sense


vendingSo you’ve made the decision to get into the lucrative and enjoyable vending machine business. Welcome! Now comes the first important step towards making this new business investment pay off: choosing the right vending machine. There are a wide variety of vending machines out there to choose from, so you will want one that works best for the customers where the vending machine is set up, as well as what works best for you to maintain. Below are a few things to consider from each type of vending machine before you invest in them.

Combo Vending Machine

Combo vending machines sell both snacks and drinks, making them a one stop shop for customers. These machines will have a lot of inventory and may have to be restocked on a regular basis, which means a little bit of extra work—but if people are using the machine regularly this is not a bad thing. This type of vending machine will also be a little more expensive and may require more maintenance down the road, so be sure you will get regular customers when you set it up.

Soda Vending Machines

The soda vending machines just dispense soda, as their name suggests and are often popular and lucrative. They will have to be restocked regularly and they require more electricity to keep the soda cold, which means they have more moving parts and a higher chance of malfunctioning that just snack vending machines. Make sure you are setting up these vending machines in a place without a lot of competition, namely a convenience store or nearby supermarket who may try to give customers other, cheaper options.

Snack Vending Machines

These types of vending machines may be one of the safest investments as they don’t have to stay cold, don’t have many moving parts and don’t require a lot of electricity. The snacks in them also will last for an extended period of time in most cases, depending on what you are stocking. This is the ideal vending machine for a location that doesn’t have any other competing places within walking distance with a quick snack available.

Coffee Vending Machines

These drink vending machines are not as common but can be gold mines in the right location. However, they will require regular attention, as people can be picky about their coffee. What comes out of your vending machine should be as good as all the other coffee shops around, or should be the only real option, if there aren’t any other coffee shops around. So do your research before going with this type of vending machine, as the coffee market is often crowded.


23 selectionMany companies that purchase snack vending machines and drink vending machines spend far more time worrying about items they’ll purchase to put into the machines than the actual vending machines themselves. That’s not always the best course of action.

Whether the interest is in purchasing a used vending machine or buying brand new products as they roll off the assembly line, it’s important to know a few critical details about vending machines before making the decision to buy.

How long should
 vending machines last?

Vending machines should last ten years or longer. Vending machines are an investment. It’s important to make sure the investment is one that’s meant to last at least ten years in order to be a cost effective business choice.

What is the outlook of the vending sales company?

Businesses in many industries come and go. It’s important to look at the past and present of businesses before entering into partnerships with them. The history of the company and the way the company runs today has a significant impact on the future of the company. What you really want to know is that the company will still be around to serve your vending machine needs ten years from now.

Does the company stand behind its products?

This is perhaps the most important detail to know of all. No one wants to do business with a company that doesn’t make a visible show of faith in its own products. One of the most telling ways businesses can do this is by offering warranties and/or guarantees on the products they sell or service.

Does the business offer local representation to serve your needs?

The key is to work with businesses that have a local presence for a quick response when problems arise. Problems arise and repairs need to be made on occasion. When these things happen, getting the machine repaired and back in service quickly is a priority. This is much more likely to happen when there are local representatives available to see to these details.

Making the right decision is not always as simple as it seems. However, knowing the important factors to look for first, like these, helps you narrow down your choices in order to make an informed decision that will best meet your business needs.

Every company wants employees who arrive at the office in on time, put 110 percent into each day and value customers. Those productive and motivated employees directly affect profits, but keeping quality employees is a challenge most businesses face. How can a company achieve maximum employee productivity? By implementing eight motivational techniques.

1. Employee Recognition

Recognition is the biggest way a company can keep employees motivated. When employees know they are valued and appreciated by their company, they feel good about themselves and their abilities. They want to live up to the praise and work even harder. Companies can provide recognition with:

  • Performance certificates
  • Employee of the Month rewards
  • Verbal gratitude for a job well done
  • Public recognition in an internal or customer newsletter
  • Annual employee recognition banquets

2. Job Security

Employees value stability in the workplace. If they work for a company with one foot in the grave, they are more likely to place minimal effort into their job. A productive work day results when employees know their employer is succeeding and moving forward.

3. Interesting Work

Every employee works better when he or she performs enjoyable work. Wise hiring agents match employees to positions that maximize their training, skills and interests. Then, employees arrive at work enthusiastic and eager to do their best work.

4. Promotion Opportunities

Most staff members appreciate promotions and work hard to achieve this reward. When possible, companies should motivate employees by offering opportunities for increased responsibility and eventual promotion.

5. Positive Working Environment

Bullying, discrimination or cliques discourage employees from doing their best and may lead to high turnover. A positive working environment encourages staff retention and productivity.

6. Supportive Supervisors

Every employee carries personal problems to work. Caring supervisors do not need to be therapists, but a kind word, flexible work schedule and understanding shoulder go a long way toward showing employees that they are valued. Employees then work harder and smarter.

7. Tactful Discipline

Every work environment needs a disciplinary policy. However, harsh discipline, including being called out in front of other employees, does not promote productivity. It does cause staff members to fear making mistakes, and it stifles creativity, however. Productive workers understand the rules and know that they will be disciplined with tact if necessary.

8. Financial Incentives

Monetary rewards go a long way in showing appreciation to staff members. Employees will work harder to meet quotas, gain positive customer reviews and meet other goals when extra money is at stake. If financial bonuses are not possible, companies should at least pay employees a fair wage for the tasks they complete and benefit from a fun break room, regular office outings and other special events.

Employee productivity and company profits go hand in hand. Companies can increase motivation and energy with coffee vending machines, but they will also want to implement eight techniques that increase productivity every day.

Wishing all our friends and followers a Happy and Healthy 4th!

Vending.com All American Vending Machine Manufacturer

If you wish to begin a vending machine business or to expand an existing route, used vending machines are an attractive option. Used machines often cost a fraction of what a new machine costs. However, when buying them from a reputable and well-established supplier, they can be be as reliable as brand new machines.

When shopping for used machines, always look for ones that are inspected and certified. This helps you ensure that the machine is in good working condition and will faithfully vend products to your customers.Certified Used Vending Machines for Sale

Vending.com offers several factory-remanufactured certified machines. These machines come with a 90 day warranty on parts that include the bill acceptors, coin acceptors and control boards. Plus, as a respected vending machine manufacturer, we support your purchase with a dedicated help line.

For greater affordability, machines can be purchased on one of our vending machine payment plans. Used snack machines are just $79.35 a month and drink machines are only $97.35 a month. Each of these can be paid off with just five vends a day.

Our supply of used vending machines for sale rotates constantly. Check back often to find the drink machine, snack machine or combo vending machine that fits your customers’ needs.

For many employees, the employee handbook is only one small piece of working for a company – a piece quickly forgotten. They read it, forget it and get on with learning and doing their job. While this may not be ideal from and employer perspective, it is important to realize that forgetting the employee handbook is a luxury only available to employees. As an employer, the employee handbook is an important tool for communicating with your workers and protecting your company from unnecessary lawsuits.

The importance of an in-depth employee handbook

The employee handbook explains a number of things to your employees – things that they need to understand to integrate effectively with your company. It not only tells them the history of your business and your mission and goals, it explains hard and fast rules for getting along in the company. It lays down the law on what is and is not acceptable.

In addition to the rules of your company, the handbook also lays out the specific laws that are applicable to employment with your company. There are federal and state laws pertaining to employment – and perhaps to safety in your particular industry – that employees need to be aware of.

All of this information is put down in clear writing that is then explained to the employee by your company. Employees can look to the handbook for clarification, as well as to management and human resources if applicable. The important thing is, all parties have the same reference – the handbook.

The handbook protects your company

You company could do everything right, operating well within the law and treating your employees fairly. This does not protect you from legal action by unscrupulous parties – even people you have hired and taken care of. Companies are sued all the time whether they do anything wrong or not. But, as long as you are obeying the law and have solid documentation to back you up – such as with your employee handbook, you should be able to effectively defend yourself.

Consider at-will employment. If you are in an at-will state, you should certainly have that information front and center in your handbook. Employees should know that legal realities of your relationship to prevent any confusion on down the line. Disciplinary measures are sometimes necessary and should be mentioned in the handbook as well, along with the relationship between disciplinary measures and at-will employment.

Harassment policies are also an important component of the handbook. Sexual harassment charges can hit a company hard, damaging both its reputation and its bank account. Your policies towards any type of harassment or discrimination should be clearly stated in the handbook. This is something you will want to be able to reference should anyone ever attempt to lay blame on your company policies for harassment or discrimination situations.

Invest in your employee handbook

The employee handbook is important enough to invest time and money in. Consider hiring an attorney familiar with employee handbooks to ensure you include everything necessary to protect your company – both now and in the future.